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Openings in Rubber sector

Mill Operator, Internal mixer Operator, Kneader Operator, Storage Assistant, Weighing Operator, Rubber/Bale Cutter, Carbon/Oil Charger Operator, Material handling and Storage Operator...
Continuous Curing Operator, Tyre Moulding Operator, Compression Moulding Operator, Transfer Moulding Operator, Injection Moulding Operator, Rotocuring Operator, Autoclave Operator, Bladder Assembly Operator...
Lab Chemist - Incoming Raw Material Testing, Lab Chemist - Batch Release Testing, Lab Chemist - Cured Compound Testing, Lab Chemist - Finished Compound Testing, Lab Supervisor, Lab Chemist (Latex)
Quality Control Inspector - Statistical Process Control, Quality Control Inspector - Visual Inspection, Quality Control Inspector - Dimension Check, QA Supervisor, QA Technician (Latex)
Radial Building Operator, Tyre Building Operator- Commercial Vehicles, Tyre Building Operator -Passenger Vehicles, Bicycle/rickshaw tyre building operator-Mono band, Bicycle/rickshaw tyre building operator-TBM, Tyre building operator-Solid Tyres, Tyre Building Operator - Off the Road Tyres
Extruder Operator, Feed extruder Operator, Pre and Post Extruder Operator, Tube extrusion Operator, Quality control Inspector- Extrusion, Extrusion Supervisor, Latex Thread Extrusion Operator
Calendering Operator, Operator-Textile Coating, Pre and Post Calendering Operator, Quality Control Inspector -Calendering, Calendaring Supervisor
Junior Rubber Technician / Rubber Technical Assistant, Senior Rubber Technician
Dip Solution Preparation Operator, Synthetic Cord Dipping Operator, Creel Room Operator
Ply cutting operator, Wire cutting operator, Slitting operator, Bead room operator, Stock/Component / Bead Preparation Supervisor
Building operator- Hoses, Building operator- Conveyor belts, Building operator- V belts/transmission belt, Building operator- cables, Building operator- footwear, Building operator- metal to rubber bonded, Building operator- sports goods, Building Operator - Rubber roller
Tube cutting operator, Valve applicator, Tube splicing operator, Tube Curing operator
Tube Mandreling operator, Tube de-manderelling operator, Tube joint preparation/curing operator
Finishing operator - Tyre, Finishing operator - Non Tyre, Finishing Supervisor, Finishing Operator (Latex)
Packaging Operator, Storage Operator, Dispatch Operator, Rubber Product Assesmbler, Ware house Supervisor, Sorting/Packing Operator (Latex), Foam Wrapping Operator
Latex Compounding Supervisior, Latex Compounder, Dispersion Maker, Emulsion maker, Planetary Mixer Operator, Continuous Foaming Machine Operator, Coagulant Bath Operator
Dipping Plant Operator, Stripping Unit Operator
Tyre casing Inspection operator, Tyre casing Buffing Operator, Tyre Tread Preparation and Building Operator, Final Inspection Operator (Retreaded Tyre), Retreaded Tyre Curing Operator
Tyre fitter, Tyre / Tube repair Operator, Tyre wheel balancing, Tyre inflator
Autoclave Operator – Rubber Reclaim, Cracker Operator, Grinding Operator, Pre-refining Operator, Refining Operator, Straining Operator
Rubber Nursery Manager, Rubber Nursery Supervisor, Rubber Nursery Office Assistant, Rubber Nursery Worker - Budder, Rubber Nursery Worker - General
General Worker (CENEX), General Worker (RSS Trading), Latex Harvest Technician (Tapper), Storage assistant - RSS Trading, Rubber Plantation Manager, Rubber Plantation Supervisor, General Worker - Rubber Plantation, Field Assistant (Latex Harvest)...
Quality Controller - TSR, Manager – Quality Assurance (CENEX)
Saw Mill Technician, Machine Operator, Furniture Assembler
Officer – Purchase / Sale (TSR), Market Analyst cum Supervisor - RSS Trading, Executive Procurement - RSS Trading